Donna M. Roy

An intuitive body therapist, I offer professional Health/Relaxation Massage, Holistic Pulsing, Reflexology, Reiki and Spiritual Healing in a safe, therapeutic environment in Lower Hutt.

I offer a holistic approach for healing beyond the physical, great for relaxation and restoring overall well-being.  Particularly useful for those who are very stressed and those needing emotional support during a difficult phase of their life, e.g. marriage break-up, bereavement or crisis.

Each session is planned with you during the initial consultation and may include one or a combination of therapies.  The time you pay for is the time you spend on the table, allow a little extra time for consultation and dressing.

MASSAGE - I have a flowing style and use a variety of strokes and techniques to ease tension in muscle, enabling better circulation throughout the body.  Releasing areas of tension provides overall body relaxation and restores well-being.  I aim to achieve satisfactory pressure for each client.

HOLISTIC PULSING - This is essentially body rocking.  Pulsing a client's body reveals blockages or splits in energy flow.  A combination of pulsing and dialogue between client and practitioner assists these blockages to clear.  For further information refer to

REFLEXOLOGY - Very simply, the anatomy of the body is reflected in points on the feet.  By working on the feet, healing to the reflected parts of the body takes place.  For further information refer to

REIKI - Applying the ancient knowledge taught by Dr Mikao Usui, an attuned Reiki practitioner directs the natural flow of universal life force (also known as chi or prana), restoring natural energy balance and enabling the body to better heal itself.  Employing the use of the Reiki symbols allows a practitioner to access the specific Reiki healing energy.  For further information refer to

SPIRITUAL HEALING - I offer myself as a channel for the healing energy of the Universe.  I am directed by my healing guides and shown where healing needs to take place.  Often clients can feel the energy and/or see colours or visions.  Some people have been able to sense the guides I have working alongside me.  Whenever I am working, in whichever modality a client has chosen, I incorporate spiritual healing into the session.

Please phone me for an appointment 021 183-1066.

Suite 106, Hutt Dental Centre, 14 Laings Road, Lower Hutt